Learning the technique

When the study techniques are not introduced within the academic plan of the school, then the students should take the initiative of doing a course in some institute specialized on this type of knowledge during their extracurricular time, or do an intensive course during their holidays period. The objectives that the students should pursue before starting a course for the learning of study methods and techniques are:

  • To identify all the factors which favor the study.
  • To improve their level of attention, concentration and memory.
  • To learn how o organize their school homework and make a schedule.
  • To increase their level of understanding and acquiring of knowledge.
  • To make the most of the effort put into improving their general performance.


These basic objectives should be present in the elaboration of a personal program of studying techniques, that needs to include three fundamental aspects:

  • The physical condition of the students and the conditions of the place for studying
  • The planning and organization of the real available time
  • The knowledge of the basic techniques that favor the study