Determining our tendencies

To determine what our tendencies are, we need to analyze the way in which we teach from the representational systems’ point of view. If we once again make a list of the activities we use in the classroom the most, and we classify them according to the representational system(s), are they equally distributed? Or do we tend to use one system more than others?

As a general rule, in any group of students we can find all kinds of learning styles. If our teaching style matches our students’ style, their learning will be far easier.


Observing our students’ behavior can give us plenty of information about their preferred way of learning. The way we think about and process information is reflected in our behavior. In the table for representational systems and behavior, we get some general advice about the type of behavior usually associated with the different representational systems.

Creating the atmosphere

The physical space contributes to the concentration of the student. Therefore, the control of that space should be one of the precautions assumed by the students. Aspects such us the room’s ventilation, the balance between natural and artificial light, the level of noise, the music-as a method for relaxation, etc., contribute to the creation of an atmosphere that can influence the appropriate learning. The students should understand the importance of studying always in the same place in their rooms, the dinning hall, the library, etc. It should be a face that favors their concentration and in which they can have at their disposition all the material they need to carry out their work: textbooks and reference books, notes, pens, markers, highlighters.

The way to success

It is clear that the study methods should have an approach especially preventive in its application on schools. And this approach should be comprehensive in the sense that it has to be directed to all the students: to those that have difficulties on the acquisition of knowledge in the school and to all of those that want to improve their way of learning. A student can be motivated to learn to study better while other can do it to learn how to study even better than they already use to do it and optimize this way their personal resources.

The importance of the application of the study methods lies on the relationship between “teaching to learn” in the school and the specific learning process of each of the subjects that take part in the academic plan. The educational institutions should include in their academic plan the subject of “learning to study” or incorporate methods that help the students getting to know the different techniques that they can use to learn. The teachers should afterwards, take the initiative to make the students reflect and help them to understand the importance of acquiring a series of strategies that will give them a progressive autonomy in the acquisition of future knowledge.