Love to learn


When and where do we learn to study? Who teaches us the technique? In most of the cases the students gain their own methods for the realization of their tasks, becoming self-taught persons of a widespread occupation that everyone develops for at least 12 years of their life.

The academic failure is a reality that from an educational point of view, it should concern institutions, educators and parents as well as the students that suffer from it. There are many factors, of different kind, that take part in the academic success. However, one of the most influential ones on the academic performance of the students is the study technique. The personal conditions for working and the method used for studying, together with the mental abilities and features of the personality, have an effect on the academic results expected by the students and their environment, determining the motivation and the predisposition for studying. Every profession in order to be practiced needs to be learned first. So, what happens with the profession of the students?

The motivational factor in a person involved in the study is essential. To see the use of studying, to think about learning as a necessary and vital stage on our own personal development and to understand that having a method facilitates the acquiring of knowledge are the first steps that the students should internalize. To start a course of study methods should motivate the students, because it offers them the possibility to improve, to use their time in a better way and to optimize their effort. In addition, the students should be aware of, that internalizing a study method is important for its future application in other subjects and for their future studies. The objective is to gain certain working guidelines that can be applied throughout their whole academic life.