The best of the class

Other of the elements that favor the appropriate use of the time during the study is the attitude of the students in the class and in the school. We cannot forget that the students spend more hours at the school than in their usual study place. If these hours are well used then the following task will be a lot nicer. In addition, the class is the instance in which the students need to pay attention to the explanations of the teacher, on the subject itself as well as on the organization of the subject. To know when and how to handle in the exercises, to make the homework on time, to follow the guidelines of the teacher, to have an active attitude in class, to ask the teacher when they don’t understand, to ask other classmates, etc. All of these will favor the optimization of the time dedicated to studying, which at the end, is the real work of the student.

The moment of truth

In the exams, exercises and group work is where the students need to show the results of their study. It is recommended to follow a series of guidelines when doing an exam or exercise. It is good for the students to know the type of exams they are going to face: test, open questions, oral exam, text commentaries, etc. In this sense, the teachers can help the students by explaining them what type of exam it will be and how do they want the students to give in their work. It is also responsibility of the students to ask and get that information before studying. To know the methodology of exams that the teachers use can favor the planning of the strategies to follow before starting to study or preparing a work. Self-control, concentration, the managing of time and an appropriate reading of the formulations are also factors that influence the performance of the study and that the students should be able to control.